Audio Tour

Celebrating 80 Years

Welcome to The Roadside America Audio Tour.

As you walk around our layout, you can listen to information about the many exquisite miniature models and animations Mr. Laurence Gieringer  created from the 1930’s until the early 1970’s.  To take the tour, look for the numbers along the railing. When you click on the the button on our webpage with the corresponding number, you will hear information and highlights about what you can see on the layout from that position.

Start the Tour
Number One

You may want to start from the beginning. To do that, look for the sign that says START TOUR just below the railing, and follow the arrow. Then you will notice the numbers along the railing. You can move from position to position in numerical order starting at position 1, or move from position to position at random, however you wish.

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